What are Widgets?

Widgets are a fun, visual way to display up-to-date information. Using the five widget themes provided, you can share students’ Accelerated Reader activity with staff, students, parents, and the community.

Customize your widgets.

Build as many widgets as you like.

  • For your entire district or individual schools
  • Including all grades or a specific grade
  • To show daily, weekly, monthly or year to date reading activity

Follow books and words read.

Every Accelerated Reader quiz a student passes counts toward these totals. Also, check out which books students are quizzing on.

Add widgets to your website.

Behind the scenes, a widget is just a small snippet of HTML code that is part of a web page. Widgets utilize the Adobe Flash player to provide a visually rich experience for you and your site visitors, pulling data directly from your Renaissance Place Real Time database. You or your web team can easily paste widget code on your school website in just a few minutes.

Powered by
Renaissance Place Real Time

Using the Real Time platform allows us to provide up-to-date information without adding additional load on your servers, freeing IT staff to focus on other important issues.

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